Album Name
Firepower 3
Track Total
Release Date
1.Line Of battle Intro
2.Where theres smoke theres fire!!
3.Ya Friendly
4.All I Am
5.Chat it right feat Undu Kati
6.Hip Hop II Me
7.WUNH Shit feat. Edgie Soprano
8.You know the deal feat. Bugout, Nabo Rawk, Looni & Undu Kati
9.Most Underated feat. E-Ness & Slipwax)
10.Starvin Artists 2008
11.Dreamland feat. Doug York & Undu Kati
12.Heart like us feat. Statik Selektah, Alias, Esoteric & Reks
13.Get it Right feat. Undu Kati
14.Cold Remix
15.Each and every feat. Royce the 5 9
16.DC Says Whattup
19.Duck Duck Goose
20.Yes yes yall
21.You Piss me off feat. Rawn Hogan
23.Im Incredible feat. Undu Kati
24.Hell feat. Krit


about ape the grim

about-imgAPE the GRiM is what you would call a supreme product of the 1990s and golden age era of Rap music. Blessed with eclectic ability to perform all aspects of Hip Hop culture, A-P-E (All Pure Elements) might be True School Hip Hop’s last hope to show the world that the other side of the culture is still strong and well preserved.


A child of music since the age of 4, Ape was always the kid with all the new rap tapes. APE got his start DJing in 1997 with a 5-man DJ band called The Break Invaders, including DJ Illogix (Deck Demons), Statik Selektah(Showoff, Shade 45), DJ G.I. Joe (DJ for Immortal Technique) and DJ Def Rock (Monstamind). It wouldn’t take long for Ape to realize he had more to offer lyrically and he gradually swayed away for the turntables and focused hard on rhyming. He made his first studio recording in 1999 and since then he has spent much time and money making quality rap songs. He and DJ Illogix linked up with Portsmouth beat maestro DC the MIDI Alien in 2001 and formed the trio Monkey Biz. In 2006 these 3 NH All-Stars released their first full-length album entitled “Animal Odyssey” containing 19 incredible cuts. You’ll find whatever you need on this album: comedy and satire; history and philosophy; battle talk and competition; love and consciousness; and cutting-edge flows and tricky wordplay.┬áNot to mention Ape’s FIREPOWER series banging systems all through New England, keeping a steady underground buzz with 4 installments circulating in every weed cypher since 2006, with volume 4 making huge waves along the seacoast.┬áTeaming up with Bronx native UNDU-KATI, Ape released the full length album JAW & ORDER in late 2009 and the his fans only got more consumed in his madness.Despite his fierce battle reputation, Ape finds time to enlighten those older and younger on the evolution of HIP HOP and what it really is as opposed to rap music.

He might be a guest speaker in your class to recite his acclaimed WWII rap synopsis or spit the Declaration of Independence, and on the same day he’ll spill his opponents blood all over the stage with off-the-brain combat.Any given stage performance from Ape might include break dancing or hat tricks, or both.┬áDestined to bring justice and glory to every hardcore disciple of the culture, Ape plans to defy all stereotypes and gimmicks and make real Hip Hop important again; a true leader.